3 Steps

is all we need to make your website

Step 1 - The layout and content

What comes first: the content or the layout? Well, if you have the content already, then you should choose a layout that goes well with it, draw it on paper. Otherwise, choose a pre-designed theme and create content that fits. 


It’s what will make your website truly unique. Think about your new website at a high level first

What is your goal? How many pages do you need to accomplish it? what do you want to say to your visitors? Usually, you should explain who you are, what you do and how to reach you. Be specific and keep it short. 

Once you get the high-level idea, move to specific pages and define what you need to say in each of them. Place the most important information first and keep it short. Each page should have a call to action. Internet users scan websites looking for information. Make it easy for them. 

Writing Tips

Your website needs a layout that will display your content as a clear message to your visitors. You can do it in several ways:

1. Draw your idea

this approach is good if you already have the content. Grab pen and paper and draw the outline, how you would like your content to be displayed.

2. Pick a template layout

choose a theme and have a look at their demo pages. Think how to make your content fit into that pre-designed layout. 

3. Look at other related websites

this will give you an idea what is the standard in your industry. Search for a website you like.

Color palette and images

Color should trigger the desired response from your audience. The choice should not be based on your favorite color, but on what you want to achieve. You may find inspiration from pre-designed and tested pallets here. If you have already a color in mind, share it with me and I will create a palette for you. 

Images should be royalty free and of good quality. To find royalty free images in Google go to images -> tools-> usage rights -> labeled for reuse. Remember a good picture complements your content. In the link below you will find a huge source of royalty free images.

Free Images

Step 2 - Choose the theme

I have pre-selected 3 excellent frameworks. All of them guarantee to provide a secure and search-engine-optimized foundation. If you are lost and not sure which one to choose I’m happy to suggest something. Did you already purchase a theme? Great, I will customize it for you. 


It offers plenty of beautiful themes. Generally what you see in the chosen theme is what you’ll get. Some of them come with a small selection of color schemes, while others include a few different layout options.


It is the most popular WordPress framework. A good choice for a custom made layout. If you haven’t found a theme you like I will use Divi to create the look you have in mind. 


It offers a few themes which are customizable. For someone who likes the home page from the demo but would like to have other pages customized. Have a look at websites created with Layers here.


Step 3 - Go live

By now I have all the above information from you and I have customized your website. We are almost there!

Review and instructions

Once the design is ready we will meet to discuss what you would like to change. I will instruct you how to use the website. You have two weeks of questions after the site is live. In case you need more help you could consider a monthly plan. 


This is the address of your website. You need to purchase it from one of many providers. My favorites are GoDaddy and Crazy Domains. If you need help with that, let me know.


The servers that store your website. You may choose the same company for hosting and domain. 

How much does it cost?